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Opening title backdrop for 2022 President’s Innovation Challenge, presented by Harvard Innovation Labs. 
Wayne Thiebaud’s Avocado Salad looking pretty tasty on this banner ad for Hindman Auctions.
Social and event graphics for Harvard Innovation Labs’ 2023 President’s Innovation Challenge. We used a comprehensive system to maintain a cohesive look and feel.

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Pre-event campaign for Harvard Innovation Labs’ 2023 President’s Innovation Challenge. This was built on a narrative arc of 3 concepts. We set the 3 concepts on 45° angles and used color and movement to visually cue the different arcs. See more action from the pre-event campaign here.

Poster design and direction for Rock Speaker Garden a multi-channel audio installation by the artist Jeff Kolar. See the full campaign here.

Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Wall—a physical representation of hundreds of Venture Teams from the 3 lab ecosystem that is Harvard Innovation Labs. More on the i-Lab’s Venture Wall here.

Union Training Center Zines for the artist Jay Youngdahl. See more here.

Fever Queen In the Ether album design, record label, and a photo of Fever Queen performing at the Chicago Public Library

Motion experiment bringing a title from one of the First to Knock quarterly periodicals to life. Here’s more from the First to Knock periodicals.

If you asked me what my dream job was at 16 I would have said “editing a BMX magazine.”

BMX magazines didn’t really exist when I was ready to jump into the ol’ work force though, so I just started my own.

Challenger BMX Magazine


Book covers for First to Knock, an independent publisher of books and records. Learn more about the books I’ve designed for First To Knock.
A couple of corduroy baseball caps for Challenger BMX Magazine. See more merch here.

A weekend photographing Taunton, Massachusetts and reading the local paper during March Madness spawned this artists’ book I made in 2015, Basketball.
You can purchase a copy at Printed Matter here and/or see more of my personal work here.

Social promo for an exhibition by the artist Jay Youngdahl. Learn more about The Mangroves of Masters Bayou, an interdisciplinary exhibition I helped produce for the artist.

A collection of photos I shot of cool type, interiors, exteriors, and other things I enjoy looking at. I always thought of these as references but they just collected digital dust on a hard drive. What good does that do?
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I’m a designer with a background in photography, publishing, and librarianship.  

Most recently, I was an in-house Designer at Harvard Innovation Labs. Freelance clients include Hindman Auctions (Freeman’s | Hindman), Pillar VC, First to Knock,  Jay Youngdahl, and more.

Before my career in design I was an academic librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

In my spare time I maintain a personal art practice that is based in photography. Since 2017, I have published and edited Challenger, a BMX magazine that takes multiple forms. Its current form is a monthly subscriber only newsletter.


Challenger BMX Magazine