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If you asked me what my dream job was at 16 I would have said “editing a BMX magazine.” BMX magazines didn’t really exist when I was ready to jump into the work force though, so I just started my own.

I started Challenger BMX Magazine in 2017 as a one-page foldout printed on newsprint. The goal was to offer an alternative to the generally stale BMX media landscape without breaking the bank with a print bill. At the magazine’s height, it was a 16-page tabloid newspaper supported by Vans BMX Shoes and bike shops around the world, where copies were distributed free of charge.

The magazine’s current form is a subscription-only one-pager. You can subscribe to Challenger here.

I’m a designer with a background in photography, publishing, and librarianship.  

Most recently, I was an in-house Designer at Harvard Innovation Labs. Freelance clients include Hindman Auctions (Freeman’s | Hindman), Pillar VC, First to Knock,  Jay Youngdahl, and more.

Before my career in design I was an academic librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

In my spare time I maintain a personal art practice that is based in photography. Since 2017, I have published and edited Challenger, a BMX magazine that takes multiple forms. Its current form is a monthly subscriber only newsletter.


Challenger BMX Magazine